The illustration style of all big tech companies: Alegria

Don’t worry if the term Alegria doesn’t ring a bell, when you see a drawing you will recognize the style. The drawings often depict a figure in motion with unusual long limbs. The figures are shown happy and with unnatural skintones. Bright and vivid colors reinforce the happiness of the people.

The trend started with Facebook using this style but since then a lot of big tech companies are using the same style. Google, Slack, Lyft, YouTube and many others have hopped on the bandwagon of the long-limbed figures. Numerous start-ups followed their lead.

Why has Alegria become a trend?


The figures in the illustrations show a positive and connected feeling that lift the spirit of the viewer and help the image of big tech companies. Facebook isn’t known to be a trustful company but you aren’t given that impression from these joyful, friendly and approachable figures. They give you the impression that the company they stand for is as trustworthy as themselves.


The flat design makes a simple template for a team of designers. It is easy for a team to design illustrations without making the characters feel out of place with the style of the company. The characters are made out of simple geometric shapes with little detail. This means that designers have to spend less time than they would have in more elaborate drawings. Thus, the company has to spend less per drawing.


That is not the only reason the style has become so popular. In 2020 it is important that your brand is inclusive for all races and body proportions. The Alegria figures are not specific in their ethnicity because of the unnatural skintones and the unrealistic body type. The long figure is part of the style and not a body ideal or generalisation of a race. This makes it easy for people to relate to them. The simple but effective expressions on the face without defining facial features helps even more with this.

Makes all this that every brand that advertises themselves with this style took the easy way out?

Of course not. Many smaller brands will probably think it’s just a fun style, which it is, but if you don’t agree, worry not. For the same reason the trend began, it will end. No company stands out by using Alegria. The trend will live in the archives of the illustration world and become old-fashioned. Maybe one day someone will pick it up and base a new style on it.



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